„Déjà-vu Berlin“ is growing to be the home-base of Moritz Guasa, Eintakter and Niklas Harder. Even if those three musicians have different backgrounds they create a harmonic unit through their love of music. In the fall of 2016 they banded together to present their guests various déjà-vues that aim to outgrow themselves each and every time.



The musical and live experience of the „Déja-vu" sound is a varied and unique mix of House, Minimal and Techno, heralding influences from intoxicants classics with a strong focus on infectious new stuff, always integrating novel directions and shapes for the music.


Representing bits and pieces of musical uniqueness, they communicate a darkly-tinged, transportive sound that curiously combines natural and synthetic sounds.



Moritz Guasa’s, Einakter's and Hader’s aim is to create a passionate and embracing journey through various elements of digital sounds, giving raise to a beating vibe within the audience.


Their combination of personal styles and favorites makes their performances unique to pull people out of the everyday and plunge them into the unknown. Together they chase after moments which are dominated by the music which takes control over the body movements.



„Déjà-vu Berlin“ is created to enable a platform to launch the music that they love, a music that is drifting you.

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