The born berliner was introduced to the city’s club scene at an already young age. While Berlin grew to be the unofficial techno capital of europe, Christian Eintakter’s love for electronic music grew with it.


One could feel his attachment with his home city from his first sets on. Starting 2005, Eintakter treated clubs like M-Bia, Birgitt&Bier, Arena Club, Weißer Hase or R19 with his sound of Minimal and Deep House.


Since being a part of the agency „Zartbooking“ from 2012 on, one could listen to his memorable sound together with Lützenkirchen, Steve Mason, Daniel Boon, Marco Remus and Felix Bernhardt.


He’s also involved in the series of events „Tagtraum“ which started in 2015. The ambition of „Tagtraum“ is to make a powerful impact with their music all over the world.


In the fall of 2016 he founded, together with Niklas Harder and Moritz Guasa, a series of events named „Déjà-vu Berlin“.

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