Moritz Guasa




The Munich-raised/Berlin-based Moritz Guasa spent his youth playing piano and drums, but quickly took advantage of the digital revolution that evolved him. His entry into Munich's party scene as a teenager was the kick-start he needed for a lifelong love affair. Therefore, Moritz Guasa’s involvement in the electronic scene began in Munich at the age of 21. Dipping into the world of programs like Ableton and Traktor, he started to create his own unique fingerprint for electronic music.



The influence of labels like Ostgut Ton, Get Physical, Moon Harbour, KOMPAKT, Figure, Ovum Rec., 50weapons, Trapez Ltd and Minus as well as Plus8 pushed him to find his way of his own interpretation what electronic music, especially Techno, stands for. From there his distinctive sound began to develop.



Moritz Guasa aims to find a line between sounds and genres. He steers a middle course between his love of Underground House Music and his affection for Techno. Those two elements combine perfectly into a sound that is founded in rhythm and bass but still holds a strong melodic element with a keen understanding for the needs of the dance floor.



His sound is dark with a warm sense of beauty and grace, full-bodied with density and bass-swathed extremes. His sets breed a feel of energy and melancholy with a moody touch of delight.



Already at his first sets at ‚Connected‘, a series of events he organized with two friends back in Munich 2012, one could feel the emotion-led groove and modern electronic grace. By now, his dramatic sounds fused together with eccentric bass lines to transport the mind-blowing sense of Techno in Germany, Austria and Thailand.



Recently his passion flows into ‚Déjà-vu Berlin‘. A series of events that got revealed this fall together with Niklas Harder and Eintakter. The musical and live experience of the Déja-vu sound is a varied and unique mix of House, Minimal and Techno, heralding influences from intoxicants classics with a strong focus on infectious new stuff, always integrating novel directions and shapes for the music.




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