Born and raised at the east coast of germany, Hader grew his passion for electronic music, especially Techno, at a young age. Labels like Traumschallplatten, KOMPAKT, Gigolo and BMG acted as way marker to create his own style.

In 2008 Hader also started to produce his own tracks. He started to create his sound collage combining Techno and House elements while he constructs powerful rhythms blended with thrilling synths lines. He's taking the listeners to a higher level where the mind, the body and soul become a unique equation.

Hader performs sessions as a DJ with a straight forceful style. His sets embody energy in a deep and thrifting way so that no cell can remain still. He played his urgent sound already in some Berlin clubs.

In the fall of 2016, he founded together with two other DJs the event-series named "Déjà-vu Berlin".



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